Good People

We have the privilege of knowing good people. The best. And this weekend, we said goodbye to two of them, one a friend of mine and the other an associate of Dah’s, respectively. By that, I mean instead of us trying to both attend two memorial services on Saturday as a couple, we each attended one and met up later to talk to each other, grieve, and basically just listen and distract and support one another. We woke up Sunday to high winds and a snapped rope that led to a fallen Ham antenna, and spent most of the afternoon rigging another rope to help lift a wire off stuck roof shingles, not without struggle and ingenuity. The important thing here is that we work together in good spirits, which makes it all enjoyable. – Dit


My Funny Valentine

We saw this on a Goodwill together weeks ago so it became out Valentine’s Day project.

We exchanged other gifts as well. He got me vice grips per request (he even explained some of the history of the company and that he’d chosen these ones carefully, for lack of malocclusion), very nice cup cozies, which are kind of my thing, and also a mini Zen garden which he explained was “small enough that Squeakers wouldn’t confuse it for a little box”. There was also a .15 cent opened bag of dry fruit from Big Lots big clearance deal shelf, but I’m not sure if those were part of the gift or just happened to be near where he’d laid the other things out. He had a nice card for me too, which stated, “Roses are red.” And the star of the show: A page of three poems composed at the Smith Corona script typewriter, with explanations that it was producing inconsistent line spacing, and that the paper he typed on was one of the last remaining sheets of Strathmore 75% linen. He had contacted the company when he lived in New Hampshire and was told they had discontinued production of it when the century old machine used to make it finally gave out.

I’m touched that he used one of his last sheets for my poems, and that he chose precious highlights from our life.

I, in turn, gifted him a variety of sweet treats including Chocodate almond-stuffed, chocolate-dipped dates, with and without coconut, shards of a prototype sugar cookie made by my friend Christina, milk chocolate bulk coating that was on sale, double chip cookies, a frosted croissant, and overripe pears from a different store’s clearance, and fresh strawberries since we hadn’t had them for a while. And I brought my electric fondue pot so we could make a melty lunch of it, which went over quite well with the addition of a shared banana. I also made us a grilled cheese and onion sandwich in the Foreman grill and we shared a Clausen pickle, as he mentioned them in his poem.

My poem for him too the form of a vintage PPG Valentine. I also read him a few more in draft for from my travel notebook.

After lunch we retired to the couch and did our respective social media stuff, then feel asleep sitting up hugging each other while attempting to watch Logan’s Run.

Really, I couldn’t ask for any better.


– Dit

Exes and Ohs

It’s been too long since I wrote anything here so I thought I ought to. We’ve had a good summer, with one slight hiccup. Busy though. I spent most of July house sitting then it was back to school for my little one, and school started a few weeks early this year because the district changed things up.

Anyhow, some highlights include rummage sales and HAM fests, summer solstice at a homestead run by nuns, several poetry/music shows and Creative Mornings, and even a visit to a goat farm.

Dah’s expansive backyard yielded delicious mulberries in June and recently transitioned into pears and apples.

I also had a birthday, for which I baked a series of incredible desserts in a Japanese toaster oven I acquired in the days leading up to my birthday with my 25% off Goodwill birthday coupon. It’s got a US plug but is based on Celsius. I’ve been cooking with it a lot, mostly cakes and pizzas.

My enthusiasm for Toasty-chan, as my toaster oven is now known, must be contagious, because now Dah has bought a Toastmaster toaster oven for himself (his is in Fahrenheit) which, he explained, so far he has used to make something like a tomato pie.

On my birthday, Dah surprised me with the most extensive vintage kitchen appliance kit, made by Oster. It’s got a hopped up blender base that also converts to a food processor, stand mixer, and even a meat grinder if I want to try that!

After meeting at my house, we went out to yard sales and a nice walk by the Lake, sharing a cheeseburger at the snack pavilion.

All this month, I’ve been making use of various free birthday meal deals from an impressive list of rewards clubs I belong to. I signed up for these a few years ago, and at the end of July they start rolling in. Also, Panera has rewarded me with a free bagel each day, so I’ve been planning my life around that.

Coming up, Dah and I will be taking a vacation to Muskegon, MI on the high speed ferry. I took this voyage alone last year and am looking forward to doing it together this time.

I mentioned a hiccup – there was a point where there was some weirdness over the do’s and don’ts of meeting exes. I won’t get too far into it here, just to say I’m glad we talked through it and now we’re cool. I’m obviously more uncomfortable with these things and now he knows that. Oh so grateful to be with someone who is so smart and kind and attentive and capable of listening and working things out.

The last thing I’ll mention is that at the last radio meetup we went to last Saturday, after never winning anything before, both Dah and I won a door prize! We were not present to win, as the group had moved on to a restaurant for dinner and we chose not to join them. At first report, we thought I had won a Yaesu radio or some sort of accessory for one. The word “coaster” came up. Turned out it was more like a drink coaster with Yaesu printed on it. After further inspection, we realized it’s probably a cord keeper, with Velcro that makes it into a roll. I figure I can use it as a cozie for my insulin pen. Dah won a big heavy book that’s a guide to short wave raid that’s even autographed. I picked up our prizes from the hosts of the get-together, who live near me, since I had forgotten my water bottle at their house. They we’re glad to not have to shop that book.

– Dit

After the Party

Me: I want to wash my face as soon as I get home. I wore makeup tonight because I’m hiding a huge zit that’s healing on my cheek. So I’ll be going from Princess Me back to Ogre Me. You’ve been warned.

Him, chuckling: Well, personally I find the Ogre much more interesting.

– Dit


Dah checked out my gear shift tonight. “I’ve never heard of something like this happening and couldn’t imagine it from what you described, but it exactly like you said. It’s broken.”

Yep, I broke the car. I’ve had cars break down before, but not just break like this did. I’ve totalled cars, driven them to shit, scraped, dinged, dented. But this one is, simply put, just broken. 

I tried to shift it into reverse to parallel park it behind my other car – fortunate enough a location for a car to break down of identity going to – and something in the gear shift snapped and wouldn’t engage in changing gears for me anymore. Broken.

My mom was in the front yard trimming the bushes, so when I knew I needed help, I asked her to go get the neighbor. She and Carl pushed the car to the curb while I steered.

Luckily, where I live there are no nighttime parking restrictions until winter. So it’s going to sit there a while I. I’m not sure whether to get it fixed, or junk it, it what. So broken.

Like a shoe where the sole’s come completely unglued, like a zipper that’s lost it’s essential mechanism. Dammit


– Dit

P.S. In better news, Dah picked me up at 6am and we spent the day trekking to the Lyons Ham Radio swap meet and hitting many rummage sales and thrift stores in between. It was a day of many free donuts. We had salad bar lunch at Gooseberries market and went out for burgers and macadamia nut custard at Kopp’s at sunset. I drove us around for a bit in Frankie, my other car.

Out of the Gate

Hot, hot June. Already lots of summertime going on.

Friday: School and church rummage sales, and then some. I got an automatic trash can, HK steering wheel cover identical to one I own, and Israeli shoes. Shirts too. Dah got stereo stuff and another digital camera. Shirts also. Posed with Diet Dr. Pete. We ate at the phenomenal gyro place by the mall. It was Gallery Night, but I drove my mom to the Kaikan instead.

Saturday: Roberto Harrison’s induction as Poet Laureate of Milwaukee. Kristen Peterson’s power outage monologues. Bonk! 105 at the Hospitality Center. The Barn. And VV just minutes before they closed. KT.  50 cent I’ve cream sandwiches. My SD card is no good. Thunderstorms!

Sunday: The dream of the dead anoles, Ken Howard, Feline Pine and giant snails. Shared a frozen burrito driving up 38. Antique radio swap meet at The Terminal. The Domes w/ikebana, where Roger was nice to us, we saw Rosie Hartman, and Alexander mentioned giant snails! LO buffet. Mystery Marvel Oil. Stick shift driving lesson. The passenger side passive restraint started working again. I cleaned out the kitchen junk drawers. Tom came over for dinner. Vigo saffron yellow rice and Cacique chorizo. He will work on Gayle’s the tree-bent trunk hinge later. Might know a Saturn guy too.

Tomorrow: Helping Jade/Ginger move a bed, dresser, etc. downstairs so they can get their floors refinished. Meeting Tammy at the Domes about designing her cards.

Last week of school. Early release exams schedule coming up.

– Dit